Find out if your worming programme meets B.V.A. guidelines

Simply complete the attached form, and if your current worming program complies with the British Veterinary Association Guidelines (BVA) you will receive the faecal egg counts (FECs) / chemicals free of charge from Intelligent Worming for the next 3 months of your worming program

(Terms and Conditions apply, please read before entering).

Terms and Condition
1. You cannot take the challenge if you are a current member of Intelligent Worming. ALL Intelligent Worming Programs comply with the BVA guidelines.
2. Each program assessment will be carried out by a fully trained and qualified consultant. Once the assessment has been performed one of our consultants will contact you within 5 working days to discuss your current worming program, and advise if your program meets the BVA guidelines.
3. If your program does not meet the BVA guidelines the consultant will advise you why it does not, and will explain how the Intelligent Worming program can assist you. You will not be given free advice about a worming strategy moving forward, but you will receive free advice on the review which will have been carried out.
4. There will be a special offer applicable to all Challenge applicants to join Intelligent Worming, which will include discounted initial faecal egg counts.
5. All programs which do comply with the BVA guidelines will receive the chemical wormers and/ or faecal egg counts direct from Intelligent Worming, a week before they are due. These will be prescribed in accordance to the information about the worming plan that has been stipulated in the details provided on the form for the next 3 months worming plan.
6. No monetary donation/ payment will be paid for chemical wormers or faecal egg counts to be sourced elsewhere.
7. Intelligent Worming has the rights to refuse applications and query information provided, if we have reason to beleive it is incorrect. The challenge offer is restricted to numbers of application, once the number of applications has been reached the challenge will cease.