Join Intelligent Worming

Intelligent Worming caters for all budgets as well as all horses, and its simple. 

Management Fee/ Annual Subscription Benefits:

  • Ensures that every programme complies with BVA guidelines
  • Each horse is looked at as a complete individual
  • Each programme is based on the most up to date research and technology
  • The methodology is provided by the leading veterinary parasitologists at the University of Liverpool and the Royal Edinburgh University.
  • The program will contribute towards the latest research projects being carried out by the veterinary parasitologists in the UK.
  • The risk assessment process will over time identify the level of larvae in the pasture which allows you the owners to make informed decision on which pasture needs resting and rotation based on scientific evidence rather than guess work
  • Owners over time will know which horses have a strong or weak natural immunity to worms and can take this into account when managing grazing groups, moving horses to other pasture and going to other yards for stud purposes, clinics etc
  • Full documented programme with treatment plan and risk assessments
  • Quarterly E-news letter
  • The ongoing proactive day to day management of the programme
  • Treatment records for each horse maintained by us
  • Advice from the only dedicated parasitology team in the UK
  • The guess work is removed and a scientific programme is made simple and easy for owners to administer
  • Programmes are bespoke and can be tailored to meet the needs of any studs, livery yards, riding establishments and private yards
  • .... AND finally to top it all everything is delivered automatically to your door when it is due
  • Joining subscription and initial set up is just £29.95 per horse (Discounts apply for over 3 horses) Once your individual programme has been designed, one of our equine advisors will contact you and run through the strategy of the programme with you. Intelligent Worming also offers flexible payment systems which will be discussed with you by your advisor.

The remaining programme will ensure that you don't waste any money on ineffective worming and that every penny you spend is worthwhile.  This covers monitoring programmes and low level infections, and includes all faecal egg counts and wormers, the free home delivery service of all your products.  (You do have the option of sourcing your own wormers if you would like to.)

However if the horse has an infection and is what we would term ‘riddled’ then the price for the treatments may be as high as £180.00.  This is a completely different scenario as most owners once they know that their horse has a disease will want to treat it effectively.

Many customers are now on their 4th year and beyond of Intelligent Worming and are reaping the benefits of having just a couple of treatments per year, the reductions have been done in a safe and controlled manner with the consultants having built up a history of the horse. This is where we aim to get with all horses on IW, but the most important factor is that all reduction is done without putting the horse at risk.

 To join Intelligent Worming simply call 01267 223322, or register your details here.