Robert & Becky Stevens


Rob, and his wife Becky, run an eventing and competition training yard in Malmesbury (Wiltshire) with about 10 horses, from pre-novice to advanced, across an age range of 4 to 10 year olds.

Their horses have access to year-round turnout across 60 acres which are rotated and rested as required. The land is harrowed regularly and topped in the summer and has sheep put on it at various times to freshen up the grazing.

They have been using Intelligent Worming for their horses for the last couple of years, having previously devised their own programs on an 8 week rotation of chemical wormers purchased as cheaply as possible.

IW put a new program together for them which means that the horses are on individual programmes which are monitored consistently and wormers are only given when they are necessary.


We talked to Rob and Becky to find out how Intelligent Worming has been working for them and here is what they had to say:

What worming regime did you previously follow?

Not knowing any different, we used to worm the horses on an 8 week rotation with the cheapest wormers.

I have, of course, since learned that the reason why they were cheaper was because they were out-of-season and were the wrong wormers to be giving at those times.

What prompted you to join Intelligent Worming?

When we moved here the land hadn’t been used for horses before so we wanted to make a clean start with our worming, from the word go.

I was conscious of a big gap in my knowledge and I was aware that, because I was always so busy, it was all too easy to miss a treatment date and to forget what and when I had dosed the horses with the time before.

How easy did you find joining Intelligent Worming?

I saw an ad in Horse & Hound and picked up the phone. I spoke to Diane who clearly knew her stuff, explained our options clearly and made recommendations.


What are the selling points of Intelligent Worming for you?

It makes perfect sense to stop administering the chemicals wily-nilly and instead, only give the horses the wormers they actually need.

It’s so much easier, it’s untrue. We don’t have to spend time and energy worrying. Everything just arrives in the post without us even having to think about it so we’ve now got the peace of mind that we are worming at the right time.

It’s more of an exact science now , rather than a shot in the dark.

….. two years down the line is Intelligent Worming still as good as you first thought?

Yes and I would say that the current good health of one of our advanced horses is entirely down to Intelligent Worming. A while ago, this horse looked in top condition, yet his energy levels were uncharacteristically low. We had him blood tested but the results from the vet were inconclusive.

Intelligent Worming detected a massive worm burden yet that horse was the last in the yard that you would think could have worms. They recommended a treatment to target the level and type of worm burden that he had and I am pleased to report that the horse is now back to his old self.

Are there any disadvantages that you’ve found to using Intelligent Worming?

We hadn’t thought to put our working pupils’ horses on an Intelligent Worming program but now we are definitely going to make it a condition of their contract. It just makes so much sense.