Partnership Schemes

Intelligent Worming is currently branching out to work with breed societies, riding club, pony clubs and other organisations within the equestrian industry to provide a mutual benefit for each others members/ customers.

IW is inviting the organisations mentioned above to sign up to the partnership, which offers the following:

Partnership Benefits

  • Complimentary faecal egg count for each member
  • Editorial for members/ clubs newsletters
  • Members will receive a free copy of the Intelligent Worming Newsletter
  • Consultants will be available for bookings to give a presentation at AGMs, club dinners, or other member events
  • Members will be entered in to a free monthly prize draw in the month that they register their details
  • ........................ and in return? Well, all we ask for in return is that organisations dirstibute a flyer to each of your existing members and to any new ones who join, and put a reciprical link to the Intelligent Worming Website
    If you are a member of any of the breed societies, riding club or pony clubs already signed up to the partnership, click below to register for you free faecal egg count. If your club is not mentioned please contact Helen on the details below to find out how your organisation can get signed up.

For further information please contact Helen on 01267 223322 or email

To view those who are already taking advantage of our partnership click below:

Breed Societies


Riding Clubs