Veteran Worming Program

Older horses and ponies have special requirements due to the fact that their natural immune system can start to deteriorate.

Intelligent Worming have developed a special parasite control program that incorporates faecal egg counts to ensure that the chemical wormers are still effective.

Lanfach Retirement Livery Centre in South West Wales has all of its retired horses and ponies registered on the program.  The proprietor Mrs Bates says "Each of our older residents are different and without Intelligent Worming we would not be giving them the parasite control program that they need."

There are two ponies at the livery centre who have been there for over four years and have been constant grazing companions.  One has an extremely strong natural immunity and the other had no immunity remaining at all.  Despite being companions they require completely different worming programs.

Treat your veteran to the special care they deserve and register them for Intelligent Worming.

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