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Yard Services

Intelligent Worming’s Yard Management Scheme is a comprehensive service that incorporates the complete management of your parasite control programme.


Every equine is assessed individually within the global scheme, and receives the appropriate individual treatment program.  We maintain detailed records, so you don't have to, and all products are sent automatically when they are due.

Safeguard the health of the horses and ponies at your yard with the most convenient, cost effective parasite control solution available. 


We offer a discount to yards which can be utilised by the yard manager or can be passed on to their clients, please contact us to find out more.

The yard scheme also protects yard managers against any potential litigation caused by any equine on a yard having a clinical parasitic condition caused from the yard programme.  Wormers are chemical anthelmintics and can only be prescribed by a suitable qualified person.  Worming programmes should not be implemented or enforced by someone who is not qualified.

The monthly charge for yard services is less than £3.00 per month per horse.


Call our advisors today on 01267 223322 or email and we can arrange for a no obligation intital consultation with our Technical Director,  or contact us with your details.


Additional Information


There are as many different types of yards as there are breeds of horses.  Intelligent Worming works in all of them, and its flexibility means that it would work in your.


DIY Yard - No central manager


  • Each livery can register individually for a program co ordinated for the yard
  • It is not essential for all liveries to join immediately and this is taken into effect with the risk assessment

Owner or Manager Controlled Yard


  • The yard can register as a whole and each horse is assessed individually
  • Grazing groups, pasture management and a history on each horse is taken into account
  • It works for as little as 3 horses and for yards with 100 horses.

Yards with an enforced worming regime


  • The automatic home delivery service will work for any worming programme
  • You can enjoy this convenience and cost effective service with your required worming programme
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