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What is Intelligent Worming?



Intelligent Worming (IW) is a process which combines scientific research, with over 20 years of parasitological experience to design unique individual worming programs. IW is still the only company in the UK which assess, test, plan and deliver. It is a great weapon to stop further development of resistance.


IW determines whether the horses natural immune system can cope without any chemical intervention, with the larvae in the pasture it grazes.  Each horse is assessed individually and should any existing worm burden be identified then the reason for this is investigated.  A full risk assessment is carried out at an early stage, and any pasture contamination is identified. 


In a nutshell, we assess how effectively your horses natural immune system works against the worm larvae in the pasture that the horse is grazing. 


You will have your own personal advisor who will complete a risk assessment process, by combining information you provide with the results from faecal egg counts.


We then recommend any chemical wormers that may be needed, and your advisor will explain and discuss these recommendations with you, for your approval.


Your horse will have its own personal 12 month plan, scheduling when further faecal egg counts, or wormers, are required, AND everything can be delivered automatically when it is due.  It is constantly reviewed, amended and updated by your advisor throughout the year at no additional charge.

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