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How to join Intelligent Worming


You can register on-line now; or request a call back, or call us on 01267 223322 and we will take you through the process.


Stage 1 - Registration


  • Complete a horse information questionnaire for each horse or donkey, save as each form, then attach to email and send to

  • Your consultant will then contact you to advise when to take a faecal egg count (we will send a kit ready for the date advised)

  • The information and faecal egg count results are combined to assess the level of worm infection.

  • Your consultant may also recommend starting with a tapeworm test, depending on when your horse last had a tapeworm treatment.

  • Your consultant designs and prices your personal 12 month parasite control programme.



 Stage 2 - Joining Intelligent Worming


Once your programme has been designed we will contact you to run through the costs for the year, depending of which option you choose, i.e. if you chose a plan with your faecal egg counts included or not, you will be given the costs for the faecal egg counts, tapeworm tests and the wormers for the year. These can be split in to monthly instalments at no extra charge, if we have not already contacted you for your direct debit details, we will will require these, or payment off a debit or credit card.


Your member's benefits will then include;


  • Regular monitoring of your programme by your consultant

  • Free advice regarding your programme throughout the year

  • Free home delivery service

  • Regular e-newsletters


 Stage 3 - Review and Renewal


  • Review of your programme at the end of every 12 month period

    • We will contact you to find out if they have been any changes to the weights or management of any of your horses/ donkeys, which will allow your consultant to carry out a detailed review.

  • Assessment of requirements and design of the next stage.

    • Once your programme has been designed for the next year we will contact you to run through the proposed programme and costs, once you are happy, you will recieve a full documented copy of your programme and your treatments will continue to arrive automatically.



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