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Our Customers

Much of our new custom comes through existing customer referrals, don't just take our word about the service we offer, here is what our very valued customers have to say.
Harry Meade
International Event Rider

"Intelligent Worming's concept of educating the equestrian industry about the dangers of 'blanket worming' is excellent. Their analysis of each individual horse is far more effective in the treatment of worms and better for the horses themselves. Through their work, Intelligent Worming is also developing the most comprehensive worming database, which will help us understand more about worms and we will be better equipped to tackle equine parasites in the future.


"After Intelligent Worming's thorough testing of each of my horses and subsequent advice, it's great to know that my horses are totally worm free and in the best possible shape to perform. I would recommend them to everyone!"




Gillian Higgins
Horses Inside Out


"Intelligent worming provides a professional, efficient and accurate worming service based on the needs of each individual horse. This has many advantages. As the programme is based on faecal worm counts, each horse only receives the correct dosage of wormer administered at the correct time. As the testing kit is delivered to your door at the correct time saves both time and money and takes the guesswork out of worming.


As an anatomist it gives me peace of mind to know my horses are protected and the risk of worms developing resistance to drugs is minimised. 


I wholeheartedly recommend this service to all horse owners".

Bev Hudson


For many years worming my horses was done purely by guesswork. I was absolutely hopeless and spent needless time and money trying to work out some kind of worming plan that was  proved ineffective anyway .


Then I stumbled across Wormers Direct ,now known as Intelligent Worming (flyer enclosed).


They claimed to plan your worming calendar by assessing the horse, their habitat and samples of their droppings. The eternal pessimist in me thought that this was too good to be true, but decided to sign up anyway.


Many years on I have a sound worm program, am financially better off and my horses are completely worm free.


They are now wormed when necessary as a result of constant monitoring rather than when the wormer manufacturers say we should. As a result they become virtually chemical free.


For a small yearly set up fee and then monthly payments the hassle factor is completely taken out of worming and the only thing you need to do is open the post when the next Intelligent Worming parcel arrives. In today’s busy world this type of service is invaluable .


I am not easily pleased but Intelligent

Worming get my thumbs up".

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