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Joining Fee to Intelligent Worming Option A per horse, this includes your initial risk assessment and faecal egg count (for 3-5 horses). This option is for those who do not wish faecal egg counts to be included in their monthly subscription at Stage 2.

Joining Fee A (3-5 horses)

  • The Joining Fee - Option A for under 3-5 horses, includes the initial faecal egg counts and risk assessment

    Stage 2 - Intelligent Worming.

    Once you have joined Intelligent Worming, your monthly subscription will be £2.40 per horse per month for 3+ horses this will be in addition to the faecal egg counts, tapeworm tests and wormers which are prescribed in your programme.

    You will be sent a direct debit mandate to complete for your monthly subscription.

    Once your programme has been designed you will be contacted by your consultant and advised about the cost of the faecal egg counts, tapeworm tests and wormers in your programme. These will be in addition to the monthly subscription, this amount can be added to your direct debit or paid in full.

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