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A risk assessment (£25.00 per horse, if signing up 3 horses together) is required along with a faecal egg count (£10.50 each), and a tapeworm test if required (£25.00 each) enable your Intelligent Worming Programme to be designed. Once purchased you will be sent a form to complete to enable to detailed risk assessment to be carried out.

Risk Assessment [5 Horses]

  • Stage 1 - A risk assessment is essential when we design bespoke worming programmes for your animals. This along side an initial faecal egg count (and tapeworm test, depending on when your animal last had a tapeworm treatment) is the foundation for your programme to be designed.


    Stage 2 - Intelligent Worming.


    Once your risk assessments and tests have been done, and your programme has been designed, you will pay a monthly subscription will be £3.00 per horse per month,  this fee will be in addition to the faecal egg counts, tapeworm tests and wormers which are prescribed in your programme.


    You will be sent a direct debit mandate to complete for your monthly subscription.



    Once your programme has been designed you will be contacted by your consultant, and advised about the cost of the faecal egg counts, tapeworm tests and wormers prescribed in your programme. This cost which will be in addition to the monthly subscription of £3.00 per month, this amount can be added to your direct debit or paid in full.

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